Sunday, August 26, 2012

Day 119: I want to ride a mountain lion to Canada

Wednesday 8/16/12
Miles 1522-1542 (20 miles)
Elevation 7,204'

I don't listen to an mp3 player while I hike, so I have a lot of time to think. All day today, I was fantasizing about how incredibly cool it would be to befriend a mountain lion and ride it to Canada. Lol! I'm pretty short, so I think I could fit on the back of a really big mountain lion. But then I'd need another mountain lion to carry my pack. It could also carry Kyle's pack. But Kyle can walk since he hikes fast. Besides, I think he's too tall to fit on a mountain lion. Or, maybe he can ride a bear. And Squizzle can ride on a mountain lion cub. I was telling Kyle this, and he asked me if I would wear a special outfit for riding a mountain lion. I said I would want something Avatar-esque. Unless I was riding a bear. Then I would want my tyvek wizard suit. I wonder if bears and mountain lions need rain gear. I guess I could make them a tyvek raincoat too. But damn I would need a lot of tyvek. So now all I need to do is make friends with some mountain lions.

Oh man, today I had a really cool view of mt.shasta. Too bad it was early in the day, it would have been a really awesome place to camp. I took a pic of it. Its kind of hazy. That's the west side of Mt.Shasta. All the pics I've taken the last few days was from the south or southeastern side of mt.shasta.

Today was kind of tiring. Not sure why. Maybe because my pack was feeling weird. Every now and then I have days where my pack just feels gnarly. It hasn't happened in a while. I was adjusting it in the morning and I think I screwed it up. Lol. It's so weird though, sometimes I won't do anything to my pack, and it will just feel like crap one day. Most of the time it feels fine though.

Wow, I almost went through all of today without seeing another person! Other than Kyle of course. At the end of the day we found some backpackers that we're out hiking for a few days. They gave us some intel on an awesome camping spot. Thanks guys! :). Oh!! And they had these super epic folding camping chairs!! Dang I wish i took a pic of it. It's a cloth bucket seat that balances on 2 legs. It looks kinda jankey but oh my god it is sooooo comfy!!! And it's quite lightweight too! Seriously, if I could get rid of a pound or two of weight I would totally carry that chair. Really. It's amazing. I'll try and find a pic somewhere. It is the most perfect camp chair ever.

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