Sunday, August 05, 2012

Thank you for the care packages! :)

To all the people who have been sending me epic care packages, thank you!! <3 My resupply person tells me when she gets a box from someone, and then divides them up into my various mail drops so I don't end up with too much of any particular thing. I really appreciate all the presents! thank you!! <3

Oh, and Kyle says thanks for his care packages too, from his family and friends! His cell service is crappy (Sprint), and his phone is crappy so hence he doesn't bother to use it. To Kyle's mom: when I showed him the card you wrote to me he said, "hey she wrote more to you than me!" And the short answer to your question: I do all kinds of dance. Thats what I went to UCI for (BA-Dance, 2000-2003). Then I was performing with a salsa/tango/gaucho company for a while in SoCal. In Hawaii I was performing with a salsa group and a Tahitian halau for a bit, now I mainly perform burlesque/aerial dance with Cherry Blossom Cabaret (www.cherryblossomcabaret) and contemporary/urban dance with Dancers Unlimted ( and I freelance whatever gigs I can hustle.

Oh, I spilled the cookie crumbs from those chocolate chip cookies on the floor under the treehouse. I was so sad. Normally i would have eaten it anyways but i spilled it in pine needles and soft dirt, which tastes kind of funny. So I started whimpering like a little kid about to break into tears. Lol. Kyle said he'll buy me ice cream and beer to make me feel better. And wine if I was good. Whoo hoo! I'm going to hold him to that. :)

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  1. LOL!! I'm not just your re-supply person, I'm your "personal trail angel" :D Love the "Send me Love" packages from everybody!!
    GO HIKER GO!!!