Sunday, August 12, 2012

Day 113: oh glorious shade!! I love you trees!! :)

Thursday 8/09/12
Miles 1433-1453 (20 miles)
Elevation 5,443'

Well, we are slowly going back up in elevation. Although the trail hovers around 5,000' for a while. But at least today was shaded!! Oh glorious trees, how I love you so!!! <3. My goal today was to not have to use my umbrella. We were in enough shade all day where I didn't have to. Whoo hoo!!

The trail went though a couple active lumber fields. That was kinda gnarly. I took pics of it. I wonder how the logging process works nowadays. Randy, who maintained the cache we found a couple days ago, worked in the lumber industry, back when it was manual labor. He says now they use machines. Either way, it was gnarly and not so fun walking through those areas.

We were leapfrogging with that herd we've been around since Old Station. We all ended up at the same place for lunch. I took a pic, that's Extra Credit and Cactus in the shade in the background, I think Trip and Scallywag are back there somewhere too.

We all pretty much ended up at the same campsite in the evening. Water is somewhat plentiful here, but not all over the place like in the sierras, so we all pretty much go from water source to water source. I feel like a herd of animals in migration again, just like when I was in the desert. Lol!

NorCal is so cool. It's kind of mind boggling, really. And I mainly mean people-wise. All along the trail, through the socal sections, ive come across absolutely amazing people. Trail angels, random kind strangers, etc. I honestly didnt think people could get any cooler. Then i hit norcal, and its like, WOW!! Mind = blown. For reals. If you're on the verge of losing your faith in humanity, go thru-hike the PCT. it will be restored within the first 100 miles :)

Thus far, location-wise, everywhere I've been has been so amazingly awesome. I dunno what it is, but the NorCal population of regular people just as a whole seem so much cooler than SoCal population. Perhaps I'm biased, due to my incredible disdain for anything having to do with southern California. Lol :D. But in a nutshell, here's how I see it as: SoCal is a sea of douchebags with pockets of epic and amazing people; NorCal is a sea of epic and amazing people with pockets of douchebags. And those are probably people who moved up from LA. Lol :D. Meh, perhaps it's because I lived in Huntington Beach for so long, which is the epicenter of douchebaggery. Haha! Then again the north shore of Oahu gets kinda like that in the winter. Its quite comical, really. Except the level of surfing is much higher than HB. But in all seriousness, I lived in the most awesome place in HB, I could walk to go surf, and I could walk to Main Street. Except I was far enough away from main street that i dont hear the drunk yahoos from the bar at 2am every morning (even though at times, *i* was amongst the drunk yahoos). Lol. In Haleiwa, I could kind of walk to the surf. Depending on which board I was using. My SUP weighs too much to carry on my head for the walk to the beach. Lol. By the way, Haleiwa is the most epic place on earth. It is my motherland. <3. Although if I could choose to live anywhere, it'd be Wainiha on Kauai which is west of Hanalei bay on Kauai's north shore.

Dang. I wanna go surf. I missed my opportunity. Hiker town, which was around mile 500, was due east of Ventura. I didn't really think of hitchiking to go surf until 100 trail miles later, but it was too late. Ah well. Guess I'll have to wait til I get home.

For reals though. All of you who live in SoCal, hurry up and get out!! Now!! Before it's too late!! Lol :D. Seriously, SoCal will suck out your soul and spit it back out in the form of idiotic bandwagon social media geared toward people with with the IQ of genetically modified corn kernels (Booooooo Monsanto!!!). So yeah. Hurry before its too late!! :)

I'm so stoked to be amongst trees. No wonder John Muir liked trees more than people. Lol. What a fascinating guy. It'd be cool to go back in time and meet him. As well as Edward Abbey. And Thoreau. And Rabindranath Tagore. And Joan of Arc. And Socrates. Heck, my list could go on forever. Shoot. If someone figures out how to successfully time travel, let me know.

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