Monday, August 27, 2012

Day 130: Ashland!!

Sunday 8/26/12
Miles 0
Elevation 1,784'

Oh man, I did nothing but lay down all day. And it was absolutely amazing!! Lol! Kyle did his resupply for the rest of the trail so that pretty much took all day. I just stayed in the room and did absolutely nothing. :). Actually, I take that back, I did have to go outside to do laundry. But that's about it. I took a pic of Kyle with his resupply on the bed. That was most of it. There's more on the floor behind him. Lol! He bought a 40oz of PBR. I had never seen a bottle of PBR that big. It's funny, I think he took it into to the shower with him. But yeah, that was pretty much the height of entertainment for today. Kyle organizing his resupply, and drinking PBR. Haha!

Ashland is a really cool town. If we stayed closer to downtown i probably would have wandered around some more. But we were on the opposite side of town and the bus didnt run on sundays. Boo :( They have a discount grocery store that sells lots of organic and health-food type stuff, and bulk foods! And it's cheap!! Oh man that is so cool! And the beer isle is incredible. Oh my god, it ran the entire length of the store, and everything was a microbrew except for maybe the last 10 feet. WOW!

So sometime in the evening, Kyle puts a twix, 3 musketeers, and dark chocolate candy bar in front of me and tells me to pick one. Aaarg! That is so cruel! Does "all of the above" count as one choice? Lol. But yeah, he knows those are my favorite candy bars. That was a cruel move Kyle! Lol. I picked the dark chocolate bar. Kyle said he knew that was the one I was gonna pick. Haha. Oh damn, he can read my mind too. I'm screwed! O.o

On a completely random and unrelated note, I have a very juvenile sense of humor. I find things like poop and farts very funny. Trail mix gives me lots of gas. I've been experimenting though, and I've discovered it's the dried fruit that gives me gas. Kyle thinks flatulence is humorous too, which is good because this one night I ate a freeze dried meat lasagna and the next morning it was like an orchestral symphony coming out of my butt. Haha! And I don't even have Butterstuff with me anymore so I can't blame it on the dog. Maybe I can blame it on Squizzle. Do squirrels fart?

I'm so grateful the weather is so nice!! I hope it continues like this all the way through to Canada. :)

Pics to follow.

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