Sunday, August 05, 2012

Day 107: casual morning, casual day

Friday 8/3/12
Miles 1354-1369 (15 miles)

A whole bunch of us were camped at this picnic area right outside of Drakesbad Ranch. Picnic areas are awesome, because there are picnic tables! And those are such a luxury! At that spot was us, Kristo, Hee Haw, Veggie, Dead Animal, Swiss Army, Cowboy, and Shep Dog. Kyle and I and Kristo hung out at that picnic table til about 1pm. Lol. Yeah, it was a casual morning... I have a pic of Kyle and Kristo at the picnic table. Kristo has a guitar, Kyle was playing it for a while. I got video, I'll post it later. It was a fun morning. Dazzle wandered by in the morning, he's the guy in the blue shirt reading that sign.

The hiking today was quite mellow. Sometime in the evening we all stopped at the same place to take a break. Hee Haw is the guy sitting, Swiss Army is the guy laying down.

Hee Haw and I were discussing my tent. Oh, the tent now has a name, I call it Worm Hole. Because its a tube tent. Lol. Anyways, Hee Haw knows of the maker of the tent, because he is from New England too. He says this Stevenson guy is kind of a maniac. Haha, that's awesome! That made me feel better about the tent. Maniac outdoor people who make backpacking gear out of their garage are pretty epic, by my standards. :) Actually, to my understanding that's pretty much what most ultra-light gear companies are: dudes making stuff out of their garage. My backpack (ULA), is made by some guy in Logan Utah out of his garage. My original tent (TarpTent), is made by Henry Shires out of his garage somewhere. Yay for awesome people who make stuff out of their garage!

Anyhow, Hee Haw and I were discussing my tent, and winter camping in general. I have a huge aversion to cold and snow, so I was saying how I don't understand why people would intentionally choose to camp in winter conditions. It just seems like absolute hell to me (then again that's how some people view thru-hiking the PCT. lol! To each their own eh?). So Hee Haw (who likes to backpack in the winter) explained it as 1)it's absolutely beautiful, 2)you can camp anywhere, 3)there's water everywhere. Meh, despite all that, the fact that there's cold and snow everywhere totally turns me off. Haha. All of life is relative and subjective ya? :)

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