Sunday, August 05, 2012

Day 108: Old Station, and a Mohawk!!! :D

Saturday 8/4/12
Miles 1369-1378 (9 miles)
Elevation 4,363'

Wow it's toasty today! Around 100 degrees. Yikes! I thought we were done with the heat in the Mojave desert! This is NorCal! Wtf?! Lol. Ah well. I do pretty well in heat, and I have the umbrella too, so that helps.

At one point on the trail I passed by this huge tree with a target spray painted on it. In the same area I heard a crapload of gunshots on the other side of the creek. That was unnerving.

We got to Old Station just in time for the PO to open. Yay for post offices that are open on Saturdays! :). There were a ton of other hikers there. Magellan got a kilt mailed to him! Whoo hoo Team Breezy!! I took a pic of Magellan with his new kilt. He got a Sport Kilt, it's made of a lightweight material and closes with Velcro. It's really badass. For the last month or so, I've been trying to convince Kyle that he needs to hike in a kilt. after seeing Magellan's I think he's closer to being convinced. :) I looked at how it was constructed, I could actually easily make one, if I has a sewing machine and some fabric. Too bad I don't have an ultra-light sewing machine to take with me on the trail. I could make all kinds of cool stuff :D

Kyle got tons of stuff at the post office. He was quite overwhelmed. Lol! I took a pic of him with all his boxes. Thanks to all his friends and family who sent stuff!

A local trail angel Firefly came to pick us up. Apparently there was a chance of thunder/lightning storms tonight and tomorrow. That alone would have been fine, except the next 30 miles of trail is on a bare and exposed section, which would be a really crappy place to end up in a lightning storm. We ended up staying at her house with Magellan, Veggie and Dead Animal. (veggie got sick and was puking on the trail so she needed some time off). Other hikers decided to keep going.

Firefly's house is absolutely incredible!! It's a 5 acre property and she has a tree house with electricity, insulation, and tomes of Shakesphere and Kipling and Poe. It was a nice break from the heat. Underneath the treehouse was a hammock and a hangy chair, that's where we spent the rest of the day. Lol. In fact we ended up sleeping there. The other 3 stayed in the treehouse. It was a big treehouse! A bunk bed, huge floor space, and a loft. It was amazing.

Oh! And the most epic thing that happened today. So, a while ago Kyle agreed to let me shave a Mohawk in his hair when we got some hair clippers. Firefly had some clippers! Whoo hoo!! Lol. I've given people Mohawks before but this was the first time I would have done it without drinking lots of margaritas first. It turned out really good!! Lol! Especially considering it did the entire thing with just the light of my headlamp. Haha! :D. Pics tomorrow, it's too dark now :)

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