Sunday, August 26, 2012

Day 121: walking...closer to Oregon!!

Friday 8/17/12
Miles 1462-1484 (22 miles)
Elevation 7,000'

Today's scenery was pretty amazing. Except I didn't notice it too much, as the ups and downs were not too fun. Lol! I dunno what it is, but this whole section coming out of Castella was kind of tough. I thought I was being a pansy but a lot of the other hikers thought so too. So either I'm not a pansy, or we're all pansies. Haha!

It is a weekend and so there was more activity going on than normal. We're also in the Trinity Alps wilderness, which i guess is a pretty popular area. Saw some equestrian riders on trail today. They were out for a recreational ride. Some of them are part of a backcountry trail crew on horseback. That's awesome! Thanks ladies!!

Saw lots of a animal paw prints on trail today. Deer, bear, mountain lion, etc. I think deer season for archery hunting opens tomorrow. Lots of cattle grazing in the area too. Which means lots of cow poop everywhere. Water sources seem pretty clean though.

We end up hiking into the night to get to a campsite by water. BAH! I don't like night hiking when my headlamp is low on battery it's freakin scary!! Ah well, I didn't fall off the side of the hill so all is well :). There were some weekend backpackers at the place we were camping at. They were there to watch the meteor shower. Cool! I had no idea there was a meteor shower going on!

It's funny how relative things get when you are on the trail for a while. You perspective on distance and speed totally change. And my world has shrunk to whatever I see on my topo maps, which is about 5 miles to the left and right of the PCT corridor. Lol. Which is funny when some random people ask me directions on trail, heck I barely even know where *I* am! And I definitely have no idea where I am in relation to anything, geographically, outside what I see on the maps.

Dang, it's nuts that I've been on trail for about 4 months and I'm still not out of California yet.

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