Sunday, August 26, 2012

Day 123: the tiny town of etna

Sunday 8/19/12
Miles 0
Elevation 3,000'

So we had to take a zero today because we needed to go to the post office, and they're not open on Sunday's. Doh! Gosh there are tons of hikers in town. Kinda funny how you usually won't see other PCTers on trail, especially since I'm behind the herd now, yet when you get into town suddenly there are 20 PCTers! Lol, that's cool.

We hung out at the hostel in town, which was kind of the center of activity for the PCTers. I pretty much spent all day doing chores and all the town stuff that takes forever like laundry, fixing stuff, etc. The town of etna is pretty cute, I took a pic of it. It's pretty much one block. And nothing was open on Sunday.

But the brewery was! A former PCT hiker said the beer in etna was the best along the entire trail. It was indeed delicious! They brew their own beer at the Etna Brewery, and they have all the medals and awards from various festivals and competitions that their beer has won.

Oh!! So, that camping chair I've been obsessed about. It's called the Alite Monarch Butterfly chair. It weighs only 18 ounces!! Whoo hoo!!! That's just 1lb 2 oz!! STOKED! So, I've decided to keep using the wormhole tent. As much as I dislike it, if I switched tents I'll be carrying more weight. So, in the interest of carrying this chair, I'll deal with this tent. I wonder if i can find this chair at an outfitter in Ashland. Otherwise I'll have to order it online. Bleh, that can sometimes be a pain in the ass when you're on the trail. But oooo I'm so stoked, I can't wait to get this chair!! <3

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